Leadership type

How to choose Leadership type and check if some employee is ready for promotion work

Theory of Niche selection

I hate the idea of niche, but it's crucial to think about it if you want to grow your blog, newsletter or Youtube channel fast.

Menu Subtree Structure

We will look at how to implement iOS/Android submenu for the web, focusing on maintainability, easy-to-use, and scalability. And do a little research about more complex implementations.

When to do refactoring

We live in a world where most applications weren’t built properly from scratch. In the past days we didn't know how to build proper software; compared to nowadays, we understand much more about platform limitations and Business needs. And we even understand our business better, so we can create better applications based on business needs

Как Выбирать Нишу Для Контента

Я ненавижу идею по выбору ниши, тем не менее это необходимая часть, если вы хотите что ваш блог, рассылка или YouTube канал набирал популярность.

No More 😰